Contact Sandalwood Feedlot

Address: 201 Sandalwood Road Irvingdale, Queensland 4405
Postal: MS 501 Dalby Queensland 4405

Phone: 07 4663 7739 | Fax: 07 4663 7776

Our Staff

We are proud of 30 years of excellence in the lot feeding industry, feeding our first cattle in 1986. Our team is led by Managing Directors, Kev Roberts and Warren Salter, who have worked together since 1992, complementing each other to cover all areas of the business.

Kev and Warren are supported by a management team consisting of:

  • Meg Salter, Veterinarian and Financial Controller
  • Jilly Tyler, HR Manager/ Workplace Health & Safety and Marketing

Sandalwood Feedlot employs between 25 and 35 staff, utilising a range of permanent full time/ part-time and casual staff to meet our dynamic operational requirements. Specialist services of consultants and contractors are also used, including a nutritionist and agronomist.

Management Contacts

Warren Salter, Managing Director
M: 0429 902 117 | E:

Kev Roberts, Managing Director
M: 0427 649 321 | E:

Megan Salter, Veterinarian/Financial Controller
M: 0419 739 273 | E:

Jilly Tyler, HR Manager
M: 0439 013 692 | E: