Cattle Management

Sandalwood Feedlot offers a range of services aimed to improve your lot feeding outcomes. These services include:

  • Reporting to assess outcomes and progress, including:
    • Arrival Reports (bulk weight, head number and arrival health report)
    • Processing reports (individual records and lot summaries)
    • Drafting reports
    • Exit reports
    • These reports are available in electronic or hard copy format.

Other optional services:

  • Pre-feedlot arrival assessment and drafting service: An experienced person can either offer phone support or on property support to group cattle types, identify suitable cattle for feed & assess potential feedlot performance.
  • Cattle marketing: Assisting clients to identify end markets and where available establish Forward Price contracts. Sandalwood Feedlot has a very good working relationship with abattoirs in the SE Qld region, helping clients to get optimal prices for their finished cattle.
  • L’grow Wagyu, OUR BEEF AND BRAND: Produced on the fertile, productive agricultural area in Queensland, L’grow Wagyu beef is renowned for its purity, quality and taste. With carefully chosen breed and genetics, L’grow Wagyu are produced from cattle fed with high quality grain for more than 360 days to provide exceptional experience to customers in Australia, Korea, UAE, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Our Facilities

Sandalwood Feedlot prides itself on our facilities, sourcing design ideas from around the world, to ensure optimal animal health and comfort.

  • Home pens: 100% of the feedlot is under shade. Each pen has an independent water trough. Pens have been designed with animal comfort and environmental management as a priority.
  • Arrival, drafting & dispatch facility: Modern, low stress handling facilities, with an undercover head bale with auto drafting facilities.
  • Animal hospital complex: Sandalwood has a separate, fully equipped hospital for cattle treatments. Hospital pens allow a low stress recovery environment.
  • Induction Complex

Our Management

Cattle Arrival

  • All cattle are scanned off the trucks and movement recorded on the NLIS data base.
  • As soon as possible after arrival, cattle are taken to a pen with good quality hay, clean water and ration and allowed to rest.

Cattle Processing

Sandalwood Feedlot has developed its own standard processing program which is proven to be functional, productive and cost effective. A customised induction program can be developed to suit client’s needs if necessary.

Cattle Health & Treatment

  • Starter pens are ridden daily to assess animal health. Sick cattle are pulled out from their pen and taken to the animal hospital complex for further assessment and treatment if required.
  • Health treatments are charged out only to clients of those cattle which receive therapy.

Cattle Departure

  • Cattle are drafted to ensure that they meet specifications for the market for which they are intended.
  • Cattle are individually weighed.
  • All NLIS tags are scanned and reconciled.
  • Sandalwood Feedlot ensures that all travel documents are prepared and accompany the cattle.
  • Sandalwood Feedlot will arrange transport upon request.