Feeding Innovations

Sandalwood Feedlot offers a range of custom feeding options and services, targeting performance and feeding outcomes, and carcass and financial goals. Our range of services is aimed at improving your cattle feeding experience. Feeding programs are flexible to suit cattle types and management programs.

We offer feeding programmes that are tailored to clients’ business situations, including a “Partner’s Program”, maximising the benefits of the timely purchase of commodities. Feeding programs to suit cattle types and client management programs also improve overall feeding and performance outcomes.

Feed Programs

Sandalwood Feedlot has developed a unique outcomes-based cattle feeding program. We ultilise the nutritional services of Integrated Animal Production (IAP). John Doyle, the Director of IAP, is a highly regarded nutritionist and visits Sandalwood Feedlot twice monthly.

Sandalwood Feedlot uses reconstituted grain processing, which is an anaerobic fermentation process. This naturally occurring process does not require any external energy source.

All aspects of feed management, from ration mixing to delivery to the feed bunk, are managed with Datalink computer technology. Kenworth Feed trucks with Rota Mix 920 mixers are used for ration preparation.

WAGYU FEED programs

  • Grain-fed for minimum 360 days
  • Carefully selected Wagyu ration
  • Palatable and nutrient enriched

Daily Feed Process

  • Bunk Run at 9am: to determine the quantity of feed for each pen, depending on:
    • feed bunk appearance
    • cattle posture
    • average feed consumption for the previous 7 days
    • daily intakes for the last 5 days
    • targeting MMEF range for cattle class.
  • Feed calls checked and feed is assigned per pen: this information is then downloaded directly into the feed management system, allowing feed truck drivers to accurately determine rations, including weights of each commodity and allocation for each pen.
  • Bunks are cleaned
  • Feed delivery commences at 10am

Our Quality Assurance

  • Feeds are checked & balanced daily.
  • Monitoring daily feed intake.
  • Regular service all feeding equipment, including calibrating weighing equipment daily.
  • Commodities are processed daily.
  • Daily Bunk Management: looking at cattle feeding behaviour:
    • Feed allocated for a 24 hour period.
    • Cattle are easier to train maintaining the same daily program.
    • Reducing the quantity of stale and spoiled feed minimises variations in feed intake and digestive disease.